Registration for LEAD 2017 is Now Open

The LEAD Conference creates a space where leaders can come together to share their failures, successes, ideas, and dreams.

LEAD 2017 Speaker: Eilidh Lowery

Eilidh Lowery is a pastor’s kid who wanted to become a civil rights lawyer and ended up as a high heel collecting new start pastor instead.

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Why I Am United Methodist: Timely Grace

By Brittany Sky

I stay a United Methodist, even when I see missed opportunities for sharing grace, because no other faith community has ever loved me this way—the way that Jesus taught about and the way that I am called to live out.

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LEAD 2017 Speaker: Chris Logan

Chris is very passionate about the gospel of Jesus Christ, and sharing it with others in a relevant and compelling way.

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What Does the Church Need to Know? It Is Time to Represent!

By Rev. Angela Ravin-Anderson

When we examine the world around us, what is relevant has not changed a whole lot since the days when Jesus walked the earth.

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LEAD 2017 Speaker: Kim Pope-Seiberling

Kim’s doctoral dissertation is a study on how local churches can fill gaps in domestic orphan care.

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Broken Bread, Broken Body

By Hannah Adair Bonner

Something happens when we break bread. We see Christ more clearly. We see ourselves more clearly. We see others more clearly.

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