Registration for LEAD 2017 is Now Open

The LEAD Conference creates a space where leaders can come together to share their failures, successes, ideas, and dreams.

Giving Up The Ghost, Part III: Holy Spirit

By Kenneth Pruitt

At Pentecost, the Spirit powerfully showed us that she can unite us in God and yet respect our differences.

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Why I Am United Methodist: Timely Grace

By Brittany Sky

I stay a United Methodist, even when I see missed opportunities for sharing grace, because no other faith community has ever loved me this way—the way that Jesus taught about and the way that I am called to live out.

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Living in the Tension of an Ever Widening Circle

By Duane Anders

How does God do a new thing? How do faithful believers respond to the move of the Spirit that pushes our previous understanding of scripture, of God, of ourselves and of who is “in” the circle?

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What Does the Church Need to Know? It Is Time to Represent!

By Rev. Angela Ravin-Anderson

When we examine the world around us, what is relevant has not changed a whole lot since the days when Jesus walked the earth.

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Welcome to the New UMC LEAD

By Brandon Lazarus

We want to share and to hear stories of hope within and beyond the United Methodist Church. We are a people of resurrection and we hope UMC LEAD can be a place that reflects that.

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Broken Bread, Broken Body

By Hannah Adair Bonner

Something happens when we break bread. We see Christ more clearly. We see ourselves more clearly. We see others more clearly.

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