Podcast: Sarah Heath (Season Two, Episode One)

Rob introduces the new season and chats with Sarah Heath about call, the role of the pastor, church revitalization, and her new book. [soundcloud url=""...

LEAD 2017 Talks: Rori Blakeney

In his LEAD 2017 talk Rori Blakeney tells a story of crossing boundaries and encountering God and neighbor in a barber shop.

LEAD 2017 Talks: Janina Graves

In her LEAD 2017 talk Janina Graves reminds us that God is always creating opportunities for us build relationships with our neighbors.

LEAD 2017 Talks: Courtney McHill

In her LEAD 2017 talk Courtney McHill​ asks “How do we continue to create life giving versions of the gospel while treading through waters of conflict?”

Dear Church

Say something. Say it loud and brave. Say it even though your voice shakes. Say it even though you feel like you’re pushing too far.