Each year, LEAD challenges assumptions. No one person has all the answers, and yet, we discover gems within each of us and our contexts. Ultimately, we value Christ’s presence in the other and between us as we consider the questions. This year, we will gather in New Orleans, LA from January 13-16.

Should I speak at LEAD?

Have you participated in or led a unique ministry, creative worship team, or transformative community? Have your innovative ideas, colossal failures, huge successes, or tiny changes made an impact in your community? What insight or learning can you share from a non-ministry profession or vocation? What can others learn from your experiences? People of all ages, backgrounds, and vocations are welcome to speak at LEAD and we encourage you to apply and share your unique voice.

What are the expectations if I’m selected to speak?

All LEAD speakers are also participants. You will share the stage and learn from other presenters while engaging in conversations with other participants throughout the conference. Presentation times vary ( from 8-18 minutes), and you will be notified of your presentation length upon selection. Previous LEAD speakers will help and coach, and all presentations will be a launching point for discussion among LEAD participants, much like TED talks. Visuals/videos/slides are optional.

If selected, your talk may be recorded and made available following the event. Your talk may NOT include a sales pitch for any book, product, or ministry support. At LEAD, we are excited about new worship services and ministries happening in churches and communities across the country. However, we are especially focused on ideas and practices that will be beneficial to Christians across the vocational spectrum. Be specific, be authentic, and share your story. The goal is not to impress us with your knowledge, but to inspire others and collaborate together.

Since speakers are also participants, selected speakers for LEAD 2019 will not receive financial compensation. Speakers are expected to cover their own cost of registration and travel. Speakers are required to come on Saturday to run through their talk with coaches and the other speakers. The hotel and dinner costs will be covered that night. As a speaker, you are expected to meet with your coach 3 times before LEAD and at least once at LEAD.

Talk Topics (Pick one per application):

  • Doing Something New
    • Tell us about a startup (that is less than 3 years old) that you are a part of. Tell us what is unique about the
      startup, what your challenges have been, and how you have addressed those challenges.
  • Tell us about an original idea you have to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.
  • What would you say to the 2019 General Conference?

Applications are due by July 30. You will be notified by August 15.

You can register for LEAD by clicking here.

If you have any questions or trouble with the Google Form, please contact [email protected].