UMC LEAD Speaker 2018: Mandy McDow

Mandy’s talk: Ecclesiology for a post-Christian Era: The shifting nature of church – what it was, what it is, and what it could be.

UMC LEAD Speaker 2018: Trevor Warren

Trevor's talk: Storytelling can be a powerful discipleship tool that can shape how we as Christians see God and ourselves in the world. Born and raised in Texarkana, TX, Trevor Warren, 19, is a Senior at the Jesuit run Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL, where he is...

UMC LEAD 2018 Speaker: Néstor Gómez

Néstor’s talk: Social dancing can be used to build bridges among multiple communities, challenging the traditional Christian way of outreach/evangelism.

UMC LEAD 2018 Speaker: Margaret Gillikin

Margaret’s talk: From Dreams to Reality: Generate Buy-In and Support for Your Ministry Vision with Existing Local Church, District and Conference Leaders.

UMC LEAD 2018 Speaker: Matthew Kelly

Matt’s talk: A story about a natural disaster, toxic behavior, a dark night of the soul, key lessons on leadership, and new understandings of hope.

UMC LEAD 2018 Speaker: Crystal Farmer

Everyone knows Sunday is the most segregated day of the week. How has systemic oppression impacted the church’s mission, and what can be done to bring Christians together?